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Universal Projects Gen. Trade. & Cont. CO.

Universal Projects Gen. Trade. & Cont. CO.

Universal Projects Gen. Trade. & Cont. CO.

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أ™â€ أکآ­أ™â€  أکآ¹أ™â€‍أ™â€° أکآ§أکآھأ™â€¦ أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآ§أکآ³أکآھأکآ¹أکآ¯أکآ§أکآ¯ أ™â€‍أکآھأ™â€ أ™آپأ™إ أکآ° أکآ¬أ™â€¦أ™إ أکآ¹ أ™â€¦أکآ§ أ™إ أکآھأکآ¹أ™â€‍أ™â€ڑ أکآ¨أکآ§أکآ¹أ™â€¦أکآ§أ™â€‍ أ™â€¦أ™ئ’أکآ§أ™آپأکآ­أکآ© أ™ث†أکآ¥أ™â€ أکآ°أکآ§أکآ± أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآ­أکآ±أ™إ أ™â€ڑ أ™â€¦أ™â€  أکآھأ™â€¦أکآ¯أ™إ أکآ¯ أ™ث†أکآھأ™ث†أکآ±أ™إ أکآ¯ أ™ئ’أ™â€‍ أ™â€¦أکآ§ أ™إ أ™â€‍أکآ²أ™â€¦ أ™â€¦أ™â€  أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآ§أ™â€ أکآ¸أ™â€¦أکآ© أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآھأ™â€‍أ™â€ڑأکآ§أکآ¦أ™إ أکآ© أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآ«أکآ§أکآ¨أکآھأکآ© أ™ث†أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآھأ™â€‍أ™â€ڑأکآ§أکآ¦أ™إ أکآ© أ™â€¦أ™â€ ( أکآ´أکآ¨أ™ئ’أکآ© أکآ§أ™â€‍أ™â€¦أکآ±أکآ´أکآ§أکآھ أ™ث†أکآ´أکآ¨أ™ئ’أکآ© أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآ®أکآ±أکآ§أکآ·أ™إ أ™â€¦ أکآ§أ™â€‍أ™â€¦أکآ·أکآ§أکآ·أ™إ أکآ© أ™ث†أ™آپأ™ث†أ™â€،أکآ§أکآھ أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآ­أکآ±أ™إ أ™â€ڑ أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآ¯أکآ§أکآ®أ™â€‍أ™إ أکآ© أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآ¬أکآ§أکآ±أ™إ أکآ© أ™ث†أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآ¬أکآ§أ™آپأکآ© أ™ث†أ™آپأ™ث†أ™â€،أکآ§أکآھ أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآ­أکآ±أ™إ أ™â€ڑ أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآ®أکآ§أکآ±أکآ¬أ™إ أکآ© أ™ث†أ™ث† أکآ§أ™â€ أکآ¸أ™â€¦أکآ© أکآ¨أکآ¯أکآ§أکآ¦أ™â€‍ أکآ§أ™â€‍أ™â€،أکآ§أ™â€‍أ™ث†أ™â€  أ™ث†أکآ§أ™â€ أکآ¸أ™â€¦أکآ© أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآ±أکآ؛أ™ث†أکآ© أ™ث†أکآ§أ™â€ أکآ¸أ™â€¦أکآ© أکآ­أ™â€¦أکآ§أ™إ أکآ© أکآ§أ™â€‍أ™â€¦أکآ·أکآ§أکآ¨أکآ® أکآ§أ™â€‍أ™â€¦أکآ±أ™ئ’أکآ²أ™إ أکآ© أ™ث† أکآھأ™â€¦أکآ¯أ™إ أکآ¯أکآ§أکآھ أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآ؛أکآ§أکآ² أ™ث†أکآ§أکآ¬أ™â€،أکآ²أکآ© أ™ئ’أکآ´أ™آپ أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآ؛أکآ§أکآ²أکآ§أکآھ ) أ™ث†أ™ئ’أکآ°أ™â€‍أ™ئ’ أکآ§أ™â€ أکآ¸أ™â€¦أکآ© أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآ§أ™â€ أکآ°أکآ§أکآ± أکآ§أ™â€‍أ™إ أکآ¯أ™ث†أ™إ أکآ© أ™ث†أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآھأ™â€‍أ™â€ڑأکآ§أکآ¦أ™إ أکآ© ( أ™ئ’أکآ¨أکآ³أکآ§أکآھ أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآ§أ™â€ أکآ°أکآ§أکآ± أ™ث†أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآ§أکآ¬أکآ±أکآ§أکآ³ أ™ث†أ™ئ’أکآ§أکآ´أ™آپأکآ§أکآھ أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآ¯أکآ®أکآ§أ™â€  أ™ث†أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآ­أکآ±أکآ§أکآ±أکآ© ) أ™ث†أکآ°أ™â€‍أ™â€‍أ™ئ’ أکآ·أکآ¨أ™â€ڑأکآ§ أ™â€‍أ™â€¦أ™ث†أکآ§أکآµأ™آپأکآ§أکآھ أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآ§أکآ¯أکآ§أکآ±أکآ© أکآ§أ™â€‍أکآ¹أکآ§أ™â€¦أکآ© أ™â€‍أ™â€‍أکآ¥أکآ·أ™آپأکآ§أکآ،.

Research states that summers are the most susceptible conditions where fire spurts break out, the reason owing to this are numerous - but one sure mode of prevention is to attain products and systems tailor made based on country regulations and specifications.
Unipro Fire and Safety Division serves the country with a variety of high quality products certified by International Standards and is approved by the Kuwait Authorities. The division caters to Residential & Commercial Complexes, Industrial Sectors, Defense Sectors and Retail outlets.
The Division provides all types of fire prevention equipments أ¢â‚¬â€œ namely fire detection and alarm systems, fire suppression systems, fire fighting systems, explosion detection systems, gas detection and monitoring systems, kitchen hood protection system, are just a few.
Unipro follows a mandatory system whereby every service and product is based on the Kuwait Fire Department regulations. The division offers customers needs and design, installation, commissioning, training, after sales services, customer support and preventive maintenance programmes.

The division is recognized by the Kuwait Fire Department and other Government authorities thereby providing standards of technical service at par with the best.
A resounding commitment to protect and save the lives of individuals or assets is at the heartbeat of the division's philosophy.

Ardiya Industrial Area, Block 1, Plot 88, Kuwait
P.O.Box 1642 , 13017 Safat Kuwait
Al Kuwait 13017

Phone: Eng.Abdallah Elmobaied +

Fax: +965 24319733

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